Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nobody is Taking False Celtrixa Scam News Seriously

Fake news of Celtrixa scam on the internet may baffle first time users, but for long-term users of this stretch mark cream, it creates no impact. This is because they know the news is wrong. The cream is genuine and works effectively on stretch marks. These people have seen the results on their own skin.

A slew of creams for stretch marks exist in the market; but Celtrixa’s performance is matchless. It gives initial results within 4 weeks of cream’s usage. As you continue to apply the cream on marks, in several weeks you would find negligible marked area. Skin gets smoother, firmer, and flawless.

Reviews of Celtrixa hint at the cream’s undisputed success in the market. This proves that no rumors of Celtrixa scam should be heeded. It is a false rumor. Experts doubt the hands of rivals in spreading false rumors on the internet. They want to divert people’s attention from the cream to create a level playing field for their own products.

Alas, nothing like this seems to be happening. On the contrary, the cream is gaining immense popularity with each passing day. False Celtrixa scam news has become the subject of amusement for experts and users.

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