Monday, 25 March 2013

Cream for Stretch Marks – Easier and Affordable Alternative to Surgery

Out of the slew of creams for stretch marks adorning the market shelves, none succeeds in fading marks effectively. That’s why people are still in the quest for the best stretch marks solution. When creams fail, people have no choice but to visit a cosmetic surgeon.

Surgeries are cumbersome. Although today’s cutting-edge technology has made skin surgeries quite impressive, they can never compete with the sheer convenience and affordability that a topical formula provides. Perhaps that’s why people are now turning towards creams for stretch marks.
The one cream that has caught everybody’s attention is Celtrixa. With its unique Regu-Stretch formula it has managed to impress skin experts and end users. The formula has the potential to fade marks in weeks. Reviews show that it truly does.

The remarkable working of the cream has made it a huge success. Its inexorable success has created a breed of jealous rivals who are now posting false Celtrixa scam reports online only to misguide people about this cream.

This is not something new. When some brands are extraordinarily successful, they spark business rivalry. Interestingly, the scam reports haven’t deterred people from using creams for stretch marks. A recent market survey says that Celtrixa’s demand is increasing.

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