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“After I had my son, I couldn’t bear to see myself in a bikini because of the stretch marks. My girlfriend gave me Celtrixa saying it had worked for her. And it worked for me! After a few weeks
my stretch
marks and scars had faded so much I went out in a two piece for the first time
- it was great, and my husband couldn’t take his eyes off of me!”- Audrey T. (Phoenix, AZ)

“I lost a lot of weight but couldn’t show it off because I had these ugly stretch marks on my tummy. I started using Celtrixa about two months ago and WOW, what a difference. After just a few weeks I noticed my skin was tighter and smoother - now I don’t have to cover up when I go to the beach anymore.”

- Michelle P. (San Francisco, CA)
 I've had three kids and gained a lot of weight over the years. I never thought that my stretch marks would go away. I tried other products and nothing worked. But a few days after using Celtrixa all I could say was "WOW"!!!!! Now I'm going to the gym to lose weight and I feel self-confident now that I don't have to see those stretch marks as a reminder of my past.
Larissa M.

 We asked our customers what they thought and these are their success stories:
'I sincerely LOVE this product! I dropped the baby weight but the evidence of my pregnancy was written all over my hips and stomach in the form of ugly and embarrassing scars... stretch marks. I began using Celtrixa® about 6 weeks ago...
I started to notice the color start to lighten and my skin's appearance began to soften.
I am looking forward to the summer so I can have the chance to wear a belly shirt without feeling embarrassed.'

I started using Celtrixa to get rid of very ugly deep stretch marks that cover my upper and lower belly. I have seen a drastic improvement in the appearance of the stretch marks that were not very deep and the red color has faded, and I have seen a difference in the very deep zipper like marks. It is definitely working, I just need a bit more time before I can say wow with the deeper marks.
Kimberly C.

  I am happy with the results of Celtrixa. It has made a difference around my abdominal area. I am a 26 yr old, with four children. My first born had left me the ugliest stress marks for 8 yrs. I tried everything. After the first 2 weeks with your product, I started to see a big difference. I would recommend it to anyone, as it is a great product. I am stilling using it. Thank you Celtrixa! I am feeling the urge to wear that two piece swim suit after 8 yrs of embarrassment!
Janine C.
I have used Celtrixa for 30 days now, and what an amazing difference I see in my stretch marks. I have tried other creams but never got the results that I have in just 30 days with Celtrixa. I like what I see when I look in the mirror at my stomach. I will continue to use this for another 30 days and I am sure I will get the maximum results I want to. Thanks for recommending this product.
Tracey S.

My daughter has severe stretch marks on her waist. The marks are a very dark purple in color and are about 3 inches long. We have tried coco butter and other topical agents to try to lighten the marks, but nothing works. Her dermatologist said she could prescribe something, but it likely would result in no improvement. This product has really changed the way her stretch marks appear. They are less bumpy and have actually lightened.
She told me this morning when her initial supply is gone, she would like to continue to use the product!
Melissa S.

I have been using the Celtrixa cream and I'm impressed!
I am pretty skeptical of products that promise so much, but I'm seeing improvement in my stretch marks. I had a baby 8 weeks ago, and I'm very pleased with the results from Celtrixa!
Sarah B. 

I tried using this product and noticed a difference in the first couple weeks of using it. I've tried a lot of other things to get rid of stretch marks and this is the ONLY thing that actually works!! Don't waste your time with other products that will waste time and do nothing. Get Celtrixa. I'm so happy with the noticeable results.
Mike K.
I heard about Celtrixa on the radio and decided to take a chance on the product since it came with a money back guarantee. I've been using Celtrixa for a month now and cannot believe the difference in the stretch marks that covered almost my entire stomach. I've learned to live with these marks for the past 30 years, always assuming they were something I had no control over. Thanks to Celtrixa, I feel like a new woman! Almost right away, I noticed an improvement in the deep red/purple lines on my stomach and each day that I use this cream, I keep noticing additional changes. I can't to see what my skin looks like a few months from now!
Rosemary R.
I started using Celtrixa 2 weeks ago and I am already seeing great results. I am a very active person. 12 months ago I hurt my back. I began to put on some extra weight and found some unsightly stretch marks. I have been looking for a solution to this ever since. Celtrixa is the answer. My skin is starting to get back to normal. Another benefit is that my skin has never been smoother. Thank you Celtrixa.
Bryan M.



  1. Celtrixa soaks into your skin and keeps it soft and supple. You will absolutely love the way it works on your stretch marks. I am completely sold to the brand!!

  2. Heard that the product is paraben free and completely safe. It is also effective in reducing the intensity of the scars better known as stretch marks. One of my friend has used it and see vouches for this fact.

  3. I am in my early forties with a full career and social life. After my third child was born, I noticed these really ugly marks on my tummy. Thought that these would go away on their own. But, when the home remedies did not work, I tried using Celtrixa. A month into using the product, and my self esteem is back on track!! The red or splotchy skin has blended in and I can wear all that I want to without a worry in the world. What a relief!! - Maccy Lina

  4. Dolfy gurde :- I was driving to work when I heard about Celtrixa from a radio advertisement. I liked what I heard and called to order the product, as I was really exasperated with my stretch marks. I had tried and tested almost everything and was at my wit's end. Started using it. It has been five weeks now and the product has lived up to all the claims made. It really works!!

  5. It's a scam don't buy it they will ripe you off