Thursday, 1 November 2012

Is It Scam Or Rivalry?

Have you read the latest reviews of Celtrixa? If not, you must because its reviews show how the cream has fared. Most of the reviews are positive, others are written by frenzied users who are still reeling under disbelief about the cream’s excellent working.

Are there negative reviews of Celtrixa? Well, so far it has not been spotted online. Of course, this does not mean that the whole world is happy with the cream. The competitors are certainly unhappy. They may have not even dreamt of such a grand success of some brand. Chances are high that it is rivalry that is causing rumors of Celtrixa scam to spread online and otherwise.

Somebody has truly said, “It is always lonely at the top.” Reviews of Celtrixa suggest that the cream is a smashing hit. Now, when the cream has reached the peak of success, other not-so-successful brands are trying to pull it down.

Celtrixa scam reports are putting this brand in bad light only to divert users towards other creams that are no faring so well. The truth is that they cannot ignore the growing number of positive reviews of Celtrixa. Ask users who have applied the cream on their stretch marks. Even the most malicious Celtrixa scam report cannot deny the visible results on the affected area. Do they have another explanation of how the marks faded?

This is where Celtrixa scam seems only a conspiracy, not the truth. Those who label the cream as scam are unable to give a scientific reason of how the marked skin got “un-marked.” Reviews of Celtrixa are so imposing that scam reports are hardly affecting people, particularly users who have actually used the cream.

Logic says that you must not believe Celtrixa scam news, but try the cream yourself. Do not let something as mundane as Celtrixa scam keep you deprived of one of the most effective stretch marks creams, so say the reviews of Celtrixa.

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