Tuesday, 20 November 2012

An Easy and Effective Way to Deal with Stretch Marks

According to Celtrixa reviews, the brand has used a unique formula that combines anti aging ingredients with skin brighteners, moisturizers, and sun protection factor to create a powerful mix for the skin. The formula repairs skin from within and boosts collagen production. It evens out skin tone and hydrates skin cells. When all this happens together, the skin emerges out as smoother and spotless, as beautiful as the skin on the non-affected areas.

For any cream to work effectively on damaged skin, it needs to fix its crumbled fibril structure. The strength of this structure comes from collagen and fibronectin, two basic proteins of skin. When skin gets over-stretched, say during pregnancy, this fibril network tears and the protein breaks down. It forms a depression on the surface. The reddish, purplish line that you see is the torn inner layer that gives way to the innermost layer to show up.

Using the cream

Celtrixa reviews clearly state that this cream is able to repair the torn layer and make skin normal again. You need to apply the cream religiously for a month or so to get the desired results. It is easy to apply the cream. Simply rub it over the affected area; wait for a couple of minutes to let skin absorb it completely; then dress up for the day.

This amazingly simple and quick way of dealing with stretch marks is one of the reasons Celtrixa has become popular among a large number of people. The wonderful thing is that the cream is available online at risk free trial offer.

Now this is something that should not be missed at all, right? If Celtrixa reviews are true, then the days of stretch marks are soon going to get over. Women will have more control over the beauty of their skin.

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  1. For people like me exhausted and frustrated with trying to fade stretch marks, Celtrixa is a life saver!! I have been using it as directed and the product actually works. Would not deny that I was a bit skeptical at first, but with time, the positive effects of this product have left me almost speechless. I got a microdermabrasion stick with the first month's supply which has been really helpful to get my marks under control. -:- Alberta