Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Celtrixa Reviews: The Cream is a Hit in 2012-13

If Celtrixa reviews are to be believed, the cream is a grand hit in 2012-13. It has helped millions of women get back their beautiful skin after pregnancy. This has given a huge respite to women who used to worry frantically about stretch marks and their removal.

With the launch of this cream, removing stretch marks has become easy. If you leave marks to nature, they take about 15-20 years to fade. A pregnancy stretch mark cream can fade these marks in just a few months time.  The condition is to use the cream regularly and on a clean surface.

According to dermatologists, it is important to keep the affected area clean, as dirt and sweat accumulation can lead to itchiness, irritation, and other skin problems. Applying cream on a dirty surface can block skin pores and hamper effective absorption of ingredients into the layers.

Celtrixa reviews suggest that the cream is highly effective in preventing and removing stretch marks. It works on freshly formed marks that are reddish or purplish and on old marks that have turned into silvery white scars.

Reviews also indicate the cream is a huge hit among people. Read more Celtrixa reviews and get a deeper insight into what the cream is about and how it works.

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