Friday, 12 October 2012

Celtrixa Scam: Any Truth To These Rumors?

It is said that there is no smoke without fire and no rumor without some amount of truth in it. However, the Celtrixa scam reports can be cited as an exception to this generalization. Celtrixa is a scientifically advanced topical lotion with key ingredients that can lighten stretch marks and prevent new ones from coming up. It is formulated using powerful and effective ingredients that have been clinically tested for efficacy. It is safe, paraben free, and being used by millions of men and women everyday.

Celtrixa is a topical treatment for stretch marks that is effective, easy to use, affordable, and gives fast and visible results. It can reduce the length, width, and color of your stretch marks with regular use. This cream for stretch marks also keeps the skin hydrated and supple, thereby preventing new marks from appearing.

Celtrixa is not available at any pharmacy or skin treatment center. There are a few authorized websites that sell the product via an online e-commerce set up with certain conditions. Sometimes, delays in delivery might occur when some or any of these conditions are not being met. Certain issues related to online payment might also come up, giving rise to what some might call a Celtrixa scam. However, these can best be described as logistic issues and can be easily sorted out. If the user is following the pre-set conditions, the issues would not come up in the first place.

Celtrixa 30-day risk-free trial is another area of contention. Users can visit sites, such as, and avail such an offer. They can return the products within the 30-day trial period and claim a refund. Problems arise when the customer does not cancel the order to stop the auto shipment of the product or return the product within the specified time frame. The people who post comments about a Celtrixa scam are usually the ones who have not followed the instructions properly.


  1. july BSN - Two weeks into using Celtrixa and I can see the results on my skin. I live an active life, and a few months back, a misadventure of sorts resulted in me hurting my back. Months of just lying down made me gain weight, and also lead to some stretch marks on my back and upper thighs. Celtrixa has been a solution to my problem. Even within the limited period I have been using Celtrixa, I can tell the difference, and my skin feels a lot smoother. Have to work on my weight now...!!

  2. I did not believe in all this...for the life of me I could not imagine a topical lotion reducing the appearance of these scars. To my surprise, Celtrixa did work. A wonderful product, this...I cannot thank the friend enough who recommended it to me!! - Capria Mr